We are again offering the Remember the Children Program three times per month.

General Information:

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 Working Together Program

         The Court's Jurisdiction

         What Happens When a Divorce Is Filed?

         What can be done if an Order in my case seems unfair?

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Court Rules & Forms:

         Court Forms Updated!

         The Local Rules of the Domestic Relations Court (Amended October, 2008)

Job Openings at Domestic Court

   We currently have an opening for a court secretary.

To view the posting, click HERE


New Summit County Domestic Relations Court Building

  Summit County Government

         Link to Summit County's Web Site  

         Summit County Clerk of Courts -Domestic Case Docket Access

Child Support Enforcement Agency Forms

Filing Fees

         DR filing fees (courtesy of Clerk of Courts Daniel Horrigan)

Child Support Calculator:

         Online support calculator - courtesy of Alllaw.com. Please note that this link is merely a guideline tool. There are many variables that are considered when computing child support.  The court uses specialized software for computing child support and will not be bound by the results calculated by this link.

Rebecca Brown - Court Assignment Secretary

Last Updated on April 23, 2012