The Working Together Program

Summit County Domestic Relations Court


Working together to raise children is the most important investment parents can make.  Being a parent can sometimes be a real challenge.  Having another supportive parent can make the job easier and gives children positive role models to follow.  Children need their parentís guidance, love and financial and emotional support to grow up healthy and strong.


 The Working Together Program at the Summit County Domestic Relations Court is an educational program for never married parents who share a commitment to their child and are involved in the Court process to determine visitation and/or custody issues. Working Together gives parents the opportunity to learn together their legal rights and responsibilities as parents.  The program also gives parents the opportunity to meet with a neutral professional to resolve their differences and plan together on the best way to meet the challenges ahead. 


The program is held every Thursday  9AM until noon   All sessions are held at the downtown at the Summit County Domestic Relations Court, 205 S. High St. If your case is selected for this program, you will receive an Order to attend the program on a certain scheduled date.  Attendance at this program is mandatory for those who are ordered to attend.   If you fail to attend the program as ordered, your case may be dismissed.  If you are unable to attend on the scheduled date, please contact Susan Tucker, Community Outreach Director, at 330-643-2359.


You must arrive on-time or you will not be admitted. 



If you are handicapped or require any special accommodations, please contact the court's assignment office at 330-643-2085 at least one business day in advance so that the necessary arrangements can be made.