The Remember the Children Program is held on the First Wednesday, Second Thursday and Third Saturday of each month.  The Wednesday and Thursday programs are at 6:00 PM, the Saturday programs begin at 9:00 AM.  Please arrive on-time.   Late arrivals will not be admitted.  DO NOT BRING CHILDREN TO THE PROGRAM.

The program is now held at the Domestic Relations Court on the second floor in the training center.

Program Dates - 2019  -  See notes below regarding fees for the program.

January 2, Wednesday

January 10 Thursday
January 19 Saturday

February 6 Wednesday

February 14 Thursday
February 16 Saturday

March 6 Wednesday
March 14 Thursday
March 16 Saturday

April 3 Wednesday

April 11 Thursday
April 20 Saturday

May 1 Wednesday

May 9 Thursday
May 18 Saturday

June 5 Wednesday

June 13 Thursday
June 15 Saturday


July 11 Thursday
July 20 Saturday

August 7 Wednesday

August 8 Thursday
August 17 Saturday

September 4 Wednesday

September 12Thursday
September 21 Saturday

October 2 Wednesday

October 10 Thursday
October 19 Saturday

November 6 Wednesday

November 14 Thursday 
November 16 Saturday

December 4 Wednesday

December 12 Thursday
December 21 Saturday


Program fee policy:   Effective January 1, 2011, The Remember the Children program is offered free of charge to parents who have a current case pending in the Summit County Domestic Relations Court.  If a party attending the program does not have a current case pending in the court, there is a $50.00 per person fee which is payable at the time of attending the program.  Payments may be made by check (preferred) or cash only.   We do not accept credit cards.  

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