Domestic Relations Court Forms:

These forms are provided for the convenience of residents of Summit County, Ohio.  Where indicated, they are in PDF format.  To download a free PDF reader, visit and download Acrobat Reader.    To download a particular form, click the name of the document below.  Many of these forms can be completed online and then printed out and filed with the Clerk of Courts for Summit County.  Some must be printed and then completed manually.  MAKE SURE TO READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS.

REMEMBER - Legal matters are often complicated and involve issues that are best handled by an attorney.  We advise all litigants coming before our court to retain an attorney.  If you do not know an attorney that you wish to retain, the Akron Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service can provide you with the name of a family law practitioner who will do aninitial one-half hour consultation with you for $30.00.  The Law Referral Service can be reached by telephone at (330) 253-5038 or by e-mail at .

NOTE ON PDF FORMS - These forms cannot be saved with the information you input using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader product.  If you complete a form using only Reader, make sure to print it out immediately before leaving the form or you will lose your information.  To save the forms with the information intact, you must purchase the full version of the Adobe Acrobat product or set up and use another PDF capable product.  The full version of Acrobat Reader can be purchased at .

FORMS UPDATE - AS OF JULY 1, 2010, The Summit County Domestic Relations Court has adopted the Uniform Ohio Domestic Relations Forms to replace our previous versions of various affidavits.    Previous versions of our financial and parenting affidavits will be accepted until further notice.

  1. Affidavit of Income and Expenses   - (PDF) - This form is required  for the following cases:  All new divorces or legal separation proceedings; any parenting (paternity) case in which child support will be an issue in the case;  any post-divorce cases such as where parties seek a modification of a child support order.  It should be provided to the court and the other party by both parties with their initial motions.   

  2. Affidavit of Property - (PDF) -This form is required  in cases where the parties are seeking a divorce or legal separation.  It should be provided to the court and the other party by the plaintiff at the time of the filing of the complaint.  Defendants should provide the court with an affidavit at the time of the filing of the answer. 

  3. Affidavit of Income Expenses and Property - combined form- this is the OLD VERSION of our Income and Property Affidavit.  This form may be alternatively used for NEW divorce, legal separation or annulment proceedings in place of filing the Affidavit of Income and Expenses, Affidavit of Property and Health Insurance Affidavit.   (You may continue to use either the (separate) forms OR this form- Note that this form is partially typeable in Adobe Acrobat but the columns do not self-calculate).

  4. Dissolution Affidavit of Property and Income - (PDF) - This form is required  in cases where the parties are seeking a dissolution of marriage.  Both parties need to complete the affidavit and have it notarized.  This document must be filed at the time of filing the petition for dissolution.  (note that you may either use this form for Dissolution cases, or  the new Affidavits 1 and 2 (above).  If using the new affidavits, BOTH parties will need to sign the Affidavits of Income and Expenses as well as the Affidavit of Property)

  5. Information for Parenting Proceeding Affidavit - (PDF) By law, this form must be filed and served with the first pleading filed by each party in every parenting (custody/visitation) proceeding in this court. 

  6. Health Insurance Affidavit  This affidavit is required in all Divorce, Legal Separation, and  Dissolution cases as well as any parentage (paternity) cases where child support will be discussed.

  7. Mutual Restraining Order (Judge Dezso) Mutual Restraining Order (Judge Quinn) -  These forms are issued automatically by the Court upon the filing of a new divorce, legal separation or annulment case.  The Order prevents the parties from performing actions which may bring harm to the other party, including threatening or abusing each other, incurring debt in the other's name, removing children from the court's jurisdiction and other actions.  The bottom of the form also includes a case management plan.  THESE ORDERS ARE AUTOMATICALLY ISSUED WHEN THE CASE IS FILED - YOU DO NOT NEED TO PREPARE THESE FORMS.  

  8. Agreed Entry - (PDF) - This form is used where parties agree on a particular aspect of their case and wish to have an Order entered reflecting their agreement. 

  9. Informal Proceeding - (PDF) This form is submitted to our Family Court Services Department when the parties have a dispute over a child custody or support issue and wish to try to resolve it without formal motion or court hearing. 

  10. Visitation / Companionship Schedule - (PDF) This document lays out a standard visitation schedule for parents who cannot agree to a schedule of their own.  

  11. Remember the Children Brochure -This brochure explains the requirements for our pre-divorce educational program for divorcing parents.  

  12. Complaint to Establish a Parent/Child Relationship - This document is in PDF format and may be completed by clicking on the space above the name line on the first page, keying in the appropriate information, and then using the tab key to move from field to field. This may only be filed where parentage has been established by the CSEA, OR an acknowledgement of paternity has been registered with the Ohio Department of Human Services, OR the filer has exhausted available administrative remedies through the CSEA without resolution.  See the information sheet " How to File a Complaint and Motions in a Parenting Action Pursuant to O.R.C. 3111 " before filling out the Complaint.

  13. Petition for Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order - (PDF) - This form must be filed with the Clerk of Courts to request the Court to issue a Civil Protection Order.  When this petition is filed,  the Court hold a hearing the same day, and will schedule a full evidentiary hearing in the case.  If there are children involved in the case, you will also need to file an Information for Parenting Proceeding AffidavitAdditional instructions and information about Civil Protection Orders including more detailed instructions can be found on the Supreme Court of Ohio web site at:

  14. Post-Decree Motions - (PDF) - this form states grounds for filing a post-decree motion that can be checked off as appropriate.  See the information sheet "How to File Post Decree Motions or Contempt Motions " before filing. 

  15. Post-Decree Contempt Motion and Affidavit - (PDF) - this can be filed where there is a failure by one party to obey a previous order of the court.  The document " Order to Appear and Show Cause " is a companion document that must be provided to the court.  See the information sheet "How to File Post Decree Motions or Contempt Motions " before filing.  

  16. Table - Explanation of Medical Bills Form - (PDF) - this table provides a structured method of providing information to the court regarding medical bills and the allocation of those costs between parents where a dispute involving payment of medicals exists.  

  17. Motion and Order for Continuance (PDF) - these are two forms which must be used when requesting a continuance of the case.  The Motion must be filed with the Clerk of Courts and the Order, along with a copy of the Motion must be delivered to the court for consideration. 

  18. Attorney Fees Affidavit (PDF) - This affidavit is used when seeking advance attorneys fees and/or costs from the opposing party.

  19. Motion to Modify, Extend or Dismiss Civil Protection Order (PDF) - This form is used to request the court to modify, extend or dismiss a civil protection order which is currently in effect.

  20. Praecipe to Court Reporter (PDF) - This form is required when requesting a transcript of  a hearing.  It must be signed by the court reporter and filed with the Clerk of Courts whenever filing an objection to a magistrate's decision or a motion to set aside a magistrate's order.

  21. Notice of Intent to Relocate (PDF) - This form is used when a residential parent plans to move outside of Summit County with the children.

  22. Post Decree Reponsive Pleading (PDF) - This form may be sent with any post-decree motion to allow the opposing party to respond to the motion.  This form allows the responding party to indicate to the court whether or not there may be an agreement on the issues addressed by the motion. 

  23. Application for Child Support Services (PDF) - This form is required with all new cases involving minor children.

   24.  New Case Designation Form (PDF)  - This form is required by the Clerk of Courts with all new cases or answers filed.

    25. Indigency Affidavit (PDF) - This form is required for requesting appointed counsel in contempt cases - Note there is a $25 filing fee required when requesting appointed counsel.

    26. Party's Affidavit for Fees and Costs (PDF) - This form is used for clients requesting advance of attorney fees and costs from the other party.

    27. Medical Expense Notification Form (PDF) - This form is used to notify the other parent of medical expenses which have been incurred.

    28. Motion to Proceed In Forma Pauperis (PDF) - This Motion must be filed (along with the Financial Disclosure Affidavit) when requesting to file documents without paying the filing fee in advance.

    29. Audio CD Request Form (PDF) - This form is used to request a copy of an audio recording of a court hearing.  See the form for limitations on the use of audio CD recordings.





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